Hey there! Sooo…I already know what you are probably thinking.

-Wait… a movie review? I thought your first review would be of a game-

Well I did say I like to keep my options open didn’t I? And I recently saw this movie that just came out (Friday, Oct 21) and I wanted to do a short review and reaction to another review I saw about it. I’ll start out with a quick summary of it first! (Obviously this will have a bit of mini spoilers)


BOO! A Madea Halloween, follows the Halloween adventures of Madea and company (Hattie, Aunt Bam, and Joe) while they try to keep an eye on her nephew Brian’s out of control daughter, Tiffany. Brian calls Madea over on Halloween night, because he has a prior engagement to attend and doesn’t want his daughter sneaking out of the house to attend a frat party down the block. But despite his and Madea’s warnings, Tiffany sneaks out of the house with her friends and it is up to Madea and company to find her and bring her back to the house.


Now, I am going to be honest. When I first walked into this movie I wasn’t expecting it to be as funny as I actually found it. There were parts of the movie that I found myself laughing at that I had not found too funny at all in the trailer. When Madea, Hattie, and Bam make it to the frat house and the boys first meet her, they mistake her for a man dressed as an old woman for Halloween and the interaction between all of them is quite…interesting. Hattie and Bam definitely had a fun time at the party, while Madea finally shut the party down, which caused the frat boys to help Tiffany prank her for revenge. They disguised themselves as stalker killer clowns and zombies chasing and causing fear in the three old women. In my opinion the funniest parts of the movie were both of these chase scenes. This movie is rated PG-13 and I agree with that label, but if you plan on bringing any younger children to see this, it has a medium amount of profanity in it (it is a MADEA movie after all. It wouldn’t be one without profanity lol) Yes, it does have quite a bit of  profanity, but the ending of the movie was very good and left an impression, at least to me. Tiffany was taught a lesson by Madea and her father, who finally started to put his foot down and act as a father figure and not her friend. She was given a small scary scenario of what could have happened to her friend or her due to them sneaking out against her father’s instructions. Overall I would give this movie a 8 out of 10, very entertaining and a great light hearted Halloween movie.

Clown Scene.png

Now onto part 2

I saw another review the other day on Payorwait .com of the Madea movie. Check out the post here. Now I do agree and feel that everyone is entitled to like or dislike something and has a right to do so, but I also feel like this review was a little harsh (but then again, I am not a movie critic- maybe I am just a little more open minded than other people and have different expectations). I do agree with them on saying that the fraternity boy’s characters, other than helping Tiffany prank Madea and company, have no real purpose in the movie. The one major thing that I have to disagree with that Payorwait says about the movie are the last few scenes that deal with the family aspect itself. Yes it did seem kind of out of place at first, but I feel that the takeaway was pretty good. You finally learn why Tiffany treats her father the way she does. In the end she wants her father to act as a father figure to her and not her friend, and that in a way she resents him for “giving up” on his relationship with her mother. But it takes the help of Madea, Hattie, and Bam, to get her father to stand up, take charge and not let Tiffany disrespect him as a father anymore. Payorwait gave this movie a 1.5 out of 5 stars. But again I would give it a 4 out of 10 (8 out of 10).